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CJ Cornelius & Web Design Gold Coast

Situated in the vibrant suburb of Helensvale, Web Design Gold Coast was founded by CJ Cornelius (me) who has been at the forefront of Web Development & Search Engine Optimisation since 2004. Embarking on a journey in the nascent stages of the digital age, I had to regularly adapt and innovate, to carve out my place within the industry.


In 2004, I began a venture spurred by the necessity of crafting a website for my own business. During this time web development demanded substantial investment and deep-rooted knowledge in coding, in which I had to pave a path with determination and ingenuity to not only develop, but actually learn how to build a website! 

 This initial step, meant late nights and rigorous self-learning, and would later set the stage for a flourishing career in web design, in which would see me foster a relentless pursuit for perfection and continual improvement. As my proficiency grew, I became the go-to person for friends and acquaintances keen to establish a digital presence, steadily evolving from fixing projects to crafting websites that resonated with a growing clientele.

Evolution & Adaptability

At turn of the decade, I embraced the changing tides of web design, transitioning from vibrant animations to adopting a more minimalist approach. My continued learning spurred me to integrate evolving coding languages and SEO techniques, ensuring that my projects not only looked appealing, but also ranked well on search engines.

Full Time Web Design

By 2014, a significant portion of my income stemmed from Web Design & Content Management. A rugby player and an ‘enthusiastic‘ powerlifter turned web designer… I truly nurtured my creative side, developing a discerning eye for colours and layouts, and enhancing my graphic design skills with Adobe products.

Innovations & Security

As a Certified Google Partner Agency, I take pride in maintaining the pinnacle of proficiency in Google Ads Skills & Expertise, tirelessly working to maximise campaign successes for clients. The early introduction of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) resonated well with my vision of Efficient & User Friendly Websites.

Enhancing Customer Journeys

Despite its revolutionary start, the importance of AMP has dwindled over time, giving way to broader Web Development Strategies that focus on overall Website Performance, Enhancing Customer Journey & User Experience. This is vital to ensure your online visitors find what they need Quickly & Efficiently!

Cyber Security & Website Hardening

In the Modern Digital Climate marred by increased Cyber Crimes & Hacking, Website Hardening has emerged as a critical facet of Web Development. I prioritise safeguarding my clients’ online assets by incorporating robust security measures, ensuring not only a fast but also a secure user experience and protecting my Clients Online Investment.

A picturesque website is of little use if it remains undiscovered in the vast digital sea. The goal is to seamlessly meld Expert Content Management with ongoing training and support, catering to those who aspire to take charge of their own website. Together with my clients, I endeavour to identify and exploit SEO opportunities, significantly enhancing ‘search rankability’ and ensuring that a beautiful website does not go unnoticed.

Pursuit of Excellence

My aim is to be seen as a figure synonymous with Excellence & Innovation within the Web Design Industry. With a rich portfolio of services that extend beyond simply building websites. I am committed to delivering holistic solutions, including, Developing Clean, Highly Efficient, High Performance & Google Friendly Websites all on our OWN Local High Speed Servers!

Thank you for reading My Story 

CJ Cornelius